Our Three Days of Darkness

In the Book of Mormon, a group of peoples in the Americas experienced a horrible event at the death of Christ. From the details in the book, it seems like it was a mixture of an earthquake and something like a hurricane.

However, the odd thing about the account is the three days of darkness shortly after the earthquake and storm. It described “vapors of darkness” and “mists of darkness”. Living in Utah right now, and in the western United States especially, we see the sky slightly darkened because of smoke.

These three days of darkness is the main reason why Latter-day Saint researchers suggest that the earthquake triggered a volcanic eruption, which caused ash and lightnings and darkness to spread over that group of Native Americans. And we have two strong examples of volcanos erupting during that time in Central America. I’ll include links to those in the comments section.

Imagine that! Three days in darkness! Heavy air, and not able to see any light. Our pandemic has been hard for many of us, mostly because it’s lasted for so long. The feeling of hopelessness some of us feel is understandable. And it’s also relatable to these ancient people’s hopelessness and despair as they were not able to see any light for days. I feel for them.

I believe it was a horrible event that God tried to warn them of. I believe God is alive today, trying to warn us of natural events and pandemics. We’re not in a world of God punishing us with disasters, were in a world of disasters that God is trying to help us through. If we would stay close to him we would be able to endure through such trialing times.

And, as happened with the Book of Mormon peoples after their days of darkness, Christ can come to us as well after our days of darkness. He probably won’t come physically to us. But I know he can come spiritually. My whole outlook on life is based on this belief: God has touched me in a spiritual way that I can’t deny.

I hope we can all remember God during our times of darkness. No matter how hard it is, we can get through it and find him. Pray and read the scriptures daily for that light.

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